General points


What is an Inter-laboratories Comparison and why should you take part?
The main reasons are:
- To demonstrate your analytical expertise
- To improve your operating
- To answer to requirements of standard ISO 17025
- To make your staff more qualified

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What does RAEMA offer?
RAEMA offers 4 schemes per year:
2 “Powder RAEMA” schemes in March and in October, on milk powder matrix.
2 "Gel RAEMA” schemes in May and in December, on gelified matrix.

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Why should you choose RAEMA?
Since 1988, ASA has been organizing RAEMA; therefore ASA has an expertise as a provider of Inter-laboratories Comparison.
400 laboratories have been participating to RAEMA for more than 20 years.
Since the beginning, ASA has been involving in the work of Cofrac in order to set up the accreditation of Inter-laboratories Comparison providers.
Since 2007, ASA has been accreditated by Cofrac, according to ISO 17043 (accreditation N° 1-1836 ) as the RAEMA provider.

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